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New website of Brooks’s Club

Here was no post for the long time, but don’t worry, I am still alivešŸ˜‰ Subject of this post will be the same as subject of the previous post – new website of the gentlemen’s club of London. But this time it is not “just” redesign but a brand new web of club, which has no website so far…

Yes, the famous Brooks’s club has a new website on Well, it is just a one single page with address, nice photo of the club building and with button for members log-in and nothing more, but still it is a big progress for such a old-fashioned gentlemen’s club…

The New Website of RAF Club

Do you think, that gentlemen’s clubs of London are extremely conservative? Some still are but most of them are truly modern – not long ago The Oriental Club presented its new website design, and now another club comes with brand new website – The RAF Club! I have to say, that this new design I like very much and especially I appreciate the Club Gift Shop, where not only members of the club but even non-members can buyĀ  – wonderful! I’m going to buy something!

The Caledonian Club on Google Street View!

The clubhouse of famous Caledonian Club – private member’s club for Scots in London – is displayed on Google Street View. Even if you are not a member or guest of a member you can see the fascinating interiors of this club… Just enter!

(If the window above doesn’t work try this link.)

Behind the wheel of RR WRAITH

Need some comment? No…šŸ™‚

Conway Stewart Gatsby fountain pen

If you are an enthusiastic user of fountain pens (like me), then you may like this brand new pen: Conway Stewart Gatsby Limited Edition. This pen (made also as a roller ball) is available with EF, M, B, EB, IF, IM, IB large 18 ct gold nibs. This edition is limited just to 100 numbered pieces.

More information you can find in brochure here: